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[uwecon] For more information, contact Cate Goethals, Foster Lecturer in Leadership Communications and Director of the “Half the Sky” India programs.

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[The Native Circle] UW Positions posted Feb 15 – March 1 | The Native Circle: Washington Indian Civil Rights Commission will hear public testimony from the Urban Indian Community in regards to the inequitable treatment of their children in Seattle Public Schools

[UW Earth & Space Sciences] The UW Graduate School is offering a two-credit course in spring ...: Applications to UW graduate programs were up 12.7 percent in 2010 over the previous year, and new student graduate enrollment spiked 10 percent this autumn at the UW, despite a 1.1 percent decline in new student graduate enrollment nationwide. Job opportunities for people with graduate degrees from the UW are solid within the state of Washington, Antony noted.

[Arch [BE] Log] Concrete Footprints | Arch [BE] Log: Kate Simonen is an architect and structural engineer and Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Washington and director of the Carbon Leadership Forum, and a member of the SEI Sustainability Committee,

[Alternative Energy - Solar PV - Heat Pumps - Renewables] Interest in alternative fuels grows as prices climb | Alternative Energy ...: Growing demand for energy, led by the emergence of a middle class seeking a better lifestyle in developing countries such as China and India, will push demand for energy higher in the years ahead and keep pressure on finite supplies of oil.

[Building Community, One Household at a Time] Art, Culture, and Community Development Collaboratory Begins ...: Each summer since 1997, youth have learned how Mardi Gras Indian traditions developed while acquiring costume-making skills. Beginning this year, the program will take place year-round since Xavier has expanded its support for MGIA into a continuous component of its community arts curriculum.

[uwecon] “Half the Sky” India – Information Session, Feb. 13 | uwecon: We will hear the stories of people who have lifted themselves from poverty to prosperity through microfinance - and work intensively with Grameen Financial Services, a major microfinance organization, to learn how financial education and microloans change the lives of families earning $2 per day. We will learn about the scarcity of resources in rural areas - and, in another project, help one village guarantee a safe water supply.

[Medical Missions for Children (MMFC)] January 27- February 4, 2012 Cleft Mission to Phalodi, Rajasthan ...: There once was a woman who grew up in the poor northwest state Rajasthan, India about 300km from the Pakistani border, who was granted a chance to move to North America with her best friend where they would both attend medical school, establish prosperous careers at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and even work in a makeshift laboratory space above an Ohio slaughter house to harvest pig pancreatic islet cells for research. In a selfless move, Kanti Jain (her family name for the obscure religion) and her friend Shareen would give up their careers to return to their home of Phalodi to take over a small clinic Kanti’s sister had started before succumbing to cancer.

[MBA blog] For working women the future is bright | MBA blog | MBA students ...: For those of us in the room who are now in the process of thinking through where we will best fit in the world following the MBA and what our exact ambitions are for our professional lives, it certainly gave us plenty of food for thought.

[Doyon Foundation's Blog] HUNAP Opportunities March 2, 2012 « Doyon Foundation's Blog: The National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA), based in Portland, Oregon, is seeking a development manager adept in maximizing opportunities for benefactor generosity and achieving fund raising goals. This is an outstanding opportunity for an outgoing development professional to make a difference in the lives of children in American Indian communities across North America.

[MBA blog] Prioritising at business school | MBA blog | MBA students blog about ...: During the orientation weekend, our dean described the MBA experience as a three-legged stool: education, networking and job search. If you remove one of the legs, then the stool falls over and you won’t have a successful business school experience.

[UW Earth & Space Sciences] Spring 2012: ENVIR 497 Honors Seminar “Dirt and the King of Fish ...: Program on the Environment | University of Washington 012 Wallace Hall (ACC) | Box 355679 | Seattle, WA 98195-5679 ... E-mail: stanchoi. Web: Blog: ...

[MBA blog] The hunt for the elusive internship | MBA blog | MBA students blog ...: Many companies don’t have structured MBA internships and those that do generally have partnerships with schools that they recruit from. If your school is not one of these, you will definitely need an “in.” I sent out an email to all my contacts - friends, family, former colleagues, etc - and informed them of the type of internship I was looking for.

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