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[Asia News Network] Federal Ministers Rehman Malik, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar, Mian Manzoor Watto, Shahbaz Bhatti, Governo Owais Ahmad Ghani, Mian Nawaz Sharif, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad, Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, Speaker National Assembly Fehmida Mirza, Deputy Speaker Fazal Karim Kundi and other political, social and religious organizations also denounced the blast and declared it as cowardly act.

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[Asia News Network] Zardari has no sugar mill in Pakistan, says Isfahani: Responding to media reports quoting the National Accountability Bureau report on sugar crisis in 2006, Farahnaz said, “Years of investigation by accountability machines of Mian Nawaz Sharif and General Musharraf could not find any links of Asif Ali Zardari to any mills.”

[Inside] Washing dirty linen - by Burhanuddin Hasan | Inside It may be recalled that the second round of musical chairs, began when Mian Nawaz Sharif, the then Chief Minister of Punjab emerged victorious in the general elections held in November 1990. But only a few years after when he was in opposition, he and his followers did almost the same thing to humiliate ex-President Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari with the added attraction of displaying banners and placards with anti-Leghari slogans all over the floor of the National .

[PKColumns] Javaid Choudry, Javed Chaudhry, Ager Mian Shahbaz Sharif... by ...: Websites grow at different rates, but as the success of a business grows, so does the need for additional hosting capacity. If you are approaching the limits of your current hosting company or have concerns about safety, such as storing credit card information on the same server as others or simply if your current company is the best hosting company for your needs, it is definitely time for a dedicated server.

[Foreign Policy In Focus] Foreign Policy In Focus | Pakistan and the Islamist Challenge: As prime minister in 1999, Nawaz Sharif escaped an assassination attempt, Pervez Musharraf survived at least three attacks, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz survived at least one, and Benazir Bhutto was not that fortunate. And thousands of ordinary people have been killed, their names never reported.

[Urdu News, NewsPapers, Jung, Ummat, Dawn, Jazba, Nawa e Waqt, Jasarat - Urdu Newspapers] Lawyers' long march, sit-in | Special Coverage | GEO TV Network ...: According to correspondent, Geo News received reports on lawyers’ arrests and police violence in Gawalmandi area following which, Geo News team arrived on the place and started shooting footages. Meanwhile, SHO Gwalmandi police station Iftikhar Rasool and his private bodyguards tortured cameraman and seized his camera at gunpoint.

[Teeth Maestro] Boycott Elections Campaign - PML-N & PPP leadership contacts ...: I suspect little do they know about electronic campaigning and hope our efforts have born fruits, inside sources say the PML and PPP leadership has been getting the messages and it has been influencing the discussion. Today’s APDM meeting is at 3:00pm lets keep our fingers crossed.

[Pakistan Politics] Islamabad Tonight - 7 October 2009 « Pakistan Politics: The situation of Pakistan is so precarious apish leader ship sitting in Islam Abad is not the solution of our problems.Zardari just do not has the vision,will and courage to deliver.His allies are parties like ANP and especially MQM a group of criminals and even worst than Zardari. I also do not see any body in any other party including Mian brothers who,s role for the country in last two years is only self absorbed.Every body should pray for true Pakistani leader ship who never compromise the interest of Pakistan.

[Pak Alert Press] Biography: Nawaz Sharif « Pak Alert Press: Nawaz Sharif’s downfall coincided with his secular actions such as abolishing Friday holidays, distancing him from the conservative religious right wing establishment without taking him closer to the secular section, which preferred the PPP of Benazir Bhutto. Even now his frequent assurance to the west about continued cooperation is diminishing his popularity at home amongst the right wing conservatives who are looking for an alternative candidate to counter the secularist alliance of Musharraf-Benazir duo in the coming elections.

[Pak PRwire] Mohammad Sarwar MP hosts a meeting at the House of Lords to ...: Clear next steps are to ensure that media is not curbed, judicial reforms are implemented which will also ensure that justice is carried out and is available to the poor masses, all judges after Nov 2 2007 are vetted, the Charter of Democracy is implemented which in turn will strengthen the parliament, our institutions are stronger, the missing people issue is addressed and appropriate action is taken to stop the drone attacks & the civil strife in FATA/SWAT .

[Mr. A's Blog - Ahmad A. Rajput] Pakistans Richest Persons Of 2007/2008 | Mr. A's Blog - Ahmad Rajput: Headed by a veteran industrialist Mian Abdullah, this splendid empire owns 11 yarn spinning plants (producing 60,000 tonnes of yarn annually), 3 woven plants of greige fabric ( producing 50 million metres annually), one yarn dyeing plant (capacity 5 tonnes per day), one knitting unit (10 tonnes per day), one knitted fabric dyeing plant (10 tonnes per day), one woven fabric dyeing and finishing plant (1.2 million metres per month) and three power plants having the capability to produce 40 MW of energy. Sapphire forms synergies with off-shore garments companies.

[ Forum] Forum » Blog Archive » Bijli woes: It is such a sad situation since 1947, the leaders of the great nation Pakistan have failed to realize the importance of ELECTRICITY for the country.It is a back bone for any industrial development everything is dependent on it, that is why Pakistan is so left behind in economic development in the world. I agree with most of the writers, and I hope leaders will realize to invest more money by hiring some foreign companies to make more competitive for KESC to perform upto its potential.

[A.Sajjad Zaidi's Blog] New richest person in the world » Sajjad Zaidi's Blog: Headed by a veteran industrialist Mian Abdullah, this splendid empire owns 11 yarn spinning plants (producing 60,000 tonnes of yarn annually), 3 woven plants of greige fabric ( producing 50 million metres annually), one yarn dyeing plant (capacity 5 tonnes per day), one knitting unit (10 tonnes per day), one knitted fabric dyeing plant (10 tonnes per day), one woven fabric dyeing and finishing plant (1.2 million metres per month) and three power plants having the capability to produce 40 MW of energy. Sapphire forms synergies with off-shore garments companies.

[United4justice's Weblog] Support Appeal For Dr. Afia Siddiqi(Prisoner 650 Bagram Jail ...: kiya Aj k musalman sotay rahy ge.Allah ap pe raham farmaiy.Allah or Pitary Nabi Pak saw aj k musalmano ko jagny ki taufiq de.kash aj b koi Pak imam Hussain k naqsh e qadam pa chally.akhir hm apny kon se aamal se itny maghroor ha.apni betian gharo ko ko to kafir b nai bechty.kash koi samaj le k Pakistan Zameen pa Allah ka moajza ha bilkul waisa hi jaisa qaum Saleh pa Allah ne Qaswa untani k roop ma beja tha.Pakistan k nam nihad hukmarano ko chaiya k ab b waqt ha apny gunnaho ki tauba kar ly.plz Aafia ko zinda wapas le ain.

[] » Blog Archive » Taliban to the rescue ””Dr ...: Of course, the Taliban will receive revenue from the land but the peasants’ share will increase. Maybe the next Wali Dad will take his case to the nearby Taliban unit instead of dying in full view of helpless journalists at the Karachi Press Club.

[Pro-Pakistan] Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmed - Complete Details of Life and ...: “I personally got in contact with the individual and made a concerted effort to motivate him to work in the national interest instead of becoming an agent of the countryís enemies.” Imtiaz said that he had succeeded in persuading the individual, who later agreed to work for Pakistan as a double agent and for the same reason, the ex-DG IB said, he was duty bound not to disclose his identity. The retired brigadier said that through briefing and debriefings of the same individual, who was nick-named as “Star”, he came to know about the details of the plot that was being hatched against Pakistan by the CIA.

[Breaking News] Pakistan arrests pro-government militia leader: WASHINGTON - A senior leader of the Awami National Party (ANP) has described the Pakistan Army's offensive against the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Baitullah Mehsud South Waziristan as "hogwash."Lateef Afridi said the government is merely carrying out a mock offensive in the region to pacify the United States and "earn dollars.""These are mere mock operations in order to convince the NATO as well as the United States of America that Pakistan is very serious against the extremists," claimed Afridi. Pakistani leaders were infact protecting the militants, the Weekly Standard magazine quoted him, as saying.

[Teeth Maestro] Who is Zaid Zaman Hamid? Brasstacks or Yousuf Kazzab Prophecy ...: Arshad bhai chalen main manta hun ye baten unki sahi hongi jo programs main kehte the lekin kiya aap meri si bat se ittafaq nahi karenge ke jab Zaid Hamid Qom ki khidmat ke ley age aye aur Tv par akar khullam khula sach bolte hain to bari se bari sahkhsiyat ho ye uski dhajiyan bakherte huya nhai darte to kiya is waqt jo inke chahne wale inse kuch sawalon ke jawab chate hain to kiya inka farz nhai banta ke ye un sawalon ke jawab dain ya to ye kahne ke main ksis yusuf kazab ko nhai manta us par Allah ki lanat ho ya agar main uske sath tha bhi to mane tobah karli ya phir agar yusuf kazab begunah tha to aur uske khilaf koi sazish hui aur is ley ino ne uska sath diya to ye qam ke asmne akar us sazih ka batayne logon akhir ye jab itni bari bari sazishon ko khol kar rakh dete hain be khaufo khatar to phir is masle main kiya dar hai agar yusuf kazab begunah hoga aur sari bat kholkar batayenge to qom inka sath degi na ke inke khilaf hogi kiya main ghalat hun? aur phir sache ko koi dar nahi hota wo poori tarah duniya ka samna karta hai.meri bat ka jawab di jyga

[The Dawn Blog] The Dawn Blog » Blog Archive » The confusion of desis: In an effort to connect, CBCDs had hijacked the leadership of the PSF (much like other confused desis dominate South Asian societies across North American college campuses) and geared the group’s activities towards bhangra nights and formal dinners that had little to do with the seismic events taking place in Pakistan. So much so that when the country was on the precipice of a popular revolution (the first lawyers’ movement), Pakistani students groups refused to distribute invites to protests, claiming they weren’t interested in ”˜taking sides.’ The difference of opinion between Pakistanis and their immigrant counterparts escalated to such an extent that there were calls for a separate student group catering exclusively to ”˜real deal’ Pakistanis.

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