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[ Life in student ministry] Almost every church I’ve been a part of has kids who attend youth group at other churches. Although some youth pastors take this as a personal offense or an indication of failure on their part, I’m actually glad these kids are still attending church and going where they will be most effectively ministered to.

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Crossofstgeorge.net [] The Cross of StGeorge blog: So it appears that the councillors on the North-East Assembly have not only taken on a personal liability from which it is impossible for them to extricate themselves, but Mr Herron is now asking the police to investigate evidence that they also have been acting in clear breach of the law. Since it appears that similar breaches of the law have taken place in other English regions, he is also making available a set of searching questions (via for voters to put to their own councils.

[] Hands On Blog » Organizations: It should be interesting to see what comes from this research and how MTV will increase youth engagement. Storm Corps seemed to be a big hit and could lead to some interesting off-shoots. [] The Daily Demarche: Majesty, they are your "windows to the ...: One of the significant issues raised by young people during the fourth National Dialogue, held recently in the Eastern Province, was the problem of too much leisure time on the hands of Saudi youth. The young participants also called for the establishment of literary clubs, libraries and better facilities for sports activities to enable them to invest their days in useful and constructive ways.[] Reuters AlertNet - BANGKOK BLOG-Lessons in leadership at AIDS summit: AlertNet Deputy Editor Tim Large is at the 15th International AIDS Conference in Bangkok. Here are tidbits from his notebook on the fourth working day of the world’s biggest AIDS meeting.

Ezinearticles.com [] King and I, About Youth Leadership: "King and I, About Youth Leadership." EzineArticles 15 January 2006. 08 May 2006 <,-About-Youth-Leadership&id=128706>.

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