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[Diva Toolbox] Today, CEOs and leaders are continually challenged to make decisions with insufficient information.  Their goal and hope is for their decisions to be both successful and enduring.  The most astute learners among these use the decisions that do not succeed as conscious training tools for their companies, countries and themselves.  Success from their failures then becomes the personal and organizational enrichment gained in the combination of experience, perspective, discernment, character growth, and intuition.  Over time, this leads some leaders to wisdom.  Leaders with wisdom are and have always been in high demand and are in chronically short supply today.  Wisdom is that holy grail of skills that leaders unconsciously and sometimes consciously strive for in each decision they make.

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[Ivey Business Journal] Developing Leadership Character - Ivey Business Journal: We have documented previously the types of knowledge, skills, understanding and judgment that leaders need, grouping them into four competencies - strategic, business, organizational and people[1].  Underpinning these competencies is general intellect (see Figure 1).  We have also talked elsewhere about the importance of leaders having the commitment to lead and the problems that are caused when people in leadership roles no longer want to do the hard work of leadership and become disengaged from what is happening in the organization, while they still enjoy the status, privileges and perks of office.  In this article, we want to focus on leadership character, not because it is necessarily more important than competencies and commitment, but because it is the most difficult to define, measure, assess and develop.  Our intent is to define those dimensions of leadership character that are most important in today’s rapidly changing and turbulent business environment, and suggest how character can be developed.

[Ending Hunger one "Bite" at a time] Leadership Expertise intended for Executives | Ending Hunger one ...: Communication Skills: Good spoken along with composed conversation skills are the basic management skills. If you will observe a number of the beneficial leaders, you would recognize that each will experienced beneficial oratory as well as composed skills.

[FSU News] Christopher Darden Selected as Chancellor for a Day for February 8 ...: Christopher has already demonstrated his leadership skills by his participation in campus and community organizations.  He served as a Senator for the Student Government Association and as Vice-President of the Economics and Finance Club.  Currently he is the President of the Collegiate 100 chapter at FSU and is on the Board of Directors for the Sandhills Family Heritage Association located in Spring Lake, North Carolina. Christopher is a senior majoring in Business Administration who plans to obtain a master’s degree and operate a business of his own.  Eventually, he would also like to obtain a doctoral degree.

[Golden Wisdom Nuggets] To become Wealthy is achievable if you follow the known path ...: Read, learn and practise continuously to extend your expertise and discover your potential plus your mind power better. If you then realize that nothing works out what you have learned, you must understand that often things do not work out the very first time.

[] Leadership Skills Wisdom | Second series, the ubiquitous skills and practices of leadership and guidance as we go through the more technical aspects of the development of wisdom. I have this deep understanding and experience in other occupations more than 20 years of work and learning as a side effect of surprising insights into the has wisdom.

[Moonlight and Wine] Command Knowledge Listing | Moonlight and Wine: He won’t always have to create the solution and that he doesn’t require to have ‘ultimate wisdom’. His undertaking should be to look at every little thing in addition to encourage their staff to consentrate in the right guidelines and continue to develop this alternatives.

[Trading News] Authority Capabilities Number | Trading News: In this posting We have built a shot to .Being a visionary requires the following skills- Decision-Making Setting up .

[Todd Sattersten] The Five Universal Themes of Business « Todd Sattersten: In both cases, we base our decisions on past experience and judge our successes only on the outcomes. In Influence, Robert Cialdini alerts us to how we use unconscious routine to make even the smallest decision, while in The Power of Intuition, Gary Klein provides a map to some of that scripting and shows how we can improve our gut instinct.

[Michael Hyatt's Blog] Leadership Starts at Home | Michael Hyatt: Leaders know how to follow. My kids love to play follow the leader, knowing before the game starts that they take turns being the leader.

[My Blog] Leadership Skills Wisdom Introduction | My Blog: Leaders with wisdom are and have always been in high demand and are in chronically short supply today. Wisdom is that holy grail of skills that leaders unconsciously and sometimes consciously strive for in each decision .

[The Coffee House | Politics and News Discussion Forum] Cameron is right to focus on quality apprenticeships | The Spectator: Counterintuitively, one indicator of this quality gap is that our apprentices are much better paid, earning in some cases 40 per cent more than their German counterparts. Far from this being profligacy on the part of employers or government, IT reflects the fact that many apprenticeships here just aren’t all that attractive.

[Vanguard Blog] A gem of wisdom | Vanguard Blog: For those of you who work with investment advisors, it’s best to find one who clearly understands the limits of his or her own skill set. For those who make investment decisions on your own, a similar self-awareness is a prerequisite to making good portfolio moves.

[Aaron Wesley Hannah: Leadership Skills, Christian Leadership, Purpose in Life, Wisdom in Life] Aaron Wesley Hannah: Leadership Skills, Christian Leadership ...: the heart of the leader will understand that the heart is more than just human emotions. Compassion has its place in leadership because without compassion you will find it difficult to be people driven.

[Christopher Avery's Leadership Gift Blog] Teamwork Skills For Better and Faster Decision Making ...: this is exactly what seems to be plaguing the Occupy Wall Street consensus style conversations as well as decision making in work teams. Thanks for identifying the difference between polarizing debate that focuses on right/wrong and building consensus from multiple alternative choices generated by the team that has a shared purpose.

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