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[Accounting and Small Business /Beverly Shares] Excerpt……Leadership, Culture and Management Practices of High Performing Workplaces: The High Performing Workplace Index. The team found the not-so-easy-to-measure attributes - such as leadership, innovation and fairness in the workplace - make a tangible difference to profitability and productivity.

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[NY Essay] Introduction To Leadership | NY Essay: To identify what will influence my style of leadership I have applied this theory to a recent task, which involved the completion of data entry to ensure curriculum data was available for enrolment purposes.

[Michael Papanek Consulting] Dealing with Abrasive Leadership: Change is Possible! | Michael ...: Coaches, consultants and HR professionals need special skills, tools and experience to assist abrasive leaders in understanding their impact.  These leaders are usually clueless.  All self-development starts with increased self-awareness.  As a leadership coach, my tools to improve self-awareness include 360 feedback, self-assessments, and direct observation.   If self-awareness is successful and the leader makes a choice to change, I can then help them develop their skills in inquiry/advocacy, agreement building, exchanging (not just giving) feedback and resolving conflict.

[Appian Insight] Appian Insight » Catch the Bullet Train with Social Media and BPM ...: The 2011 Weiser Mazars Insurance Financial Leadership Study found that 87% of insurance companies rely on Excel in their planning, budgeting, and other performance management processes. The report notes, “Teams rely heavily on Excel to .

[Interesting Bits From Brad Herbert (] Get Inside Your Head: How Knowledge of Your Brain Can Make You ...: Bruna Martinuzzi recently wrote a great article on the implications of brain physiology, leadership, and culture. While these reviews may be necessary, consider that they are a form of mild torture for those undergoing an evaluation because “ feedback” on one's performance unless handled with the utmost of fairness and authenticity, ends up being a threat to an .

[HR Vendor News] HR Vendor News » RealTime Performance Offers Leadership ...: RealTime Performance, a provider of Web-based leadership assessment and development tools, created Inspire to equip employees to take ownership of their leadership development by enabling them to build, drive and track their own leadership development plans. Inspire includes links to books, articles, well-known blogs and videos that reinforce each leadership topic.

[Environmental Management & Energy News] Unilever's VP of Sustainability Discusses ... - Environmental Leader: Speaking at a Green Monday event earlier this month that focused on sustainability trends, Karen Hamilton, vice president of sustainability at Unilever, said that organizations that understand how to collaborate will thrive over the next 24 months.

[dpsqw] Occupy The Apple Store? Nike Shoes many: Apples crisis response includes emphasizing the code of conduct it maintains for its supply chain and firmly stating its industry leading position on these issues.  Apple has also enlisted the Fair Labor Association (FLA) ( to inspect cilities and monitor practices in its supply chain. The problem with these response elements is that they remain entirely reactive and predictable.

[Midland Texas Job Bank] Machinist Lead: Develops a culture that works to achieve and maintain an accident free workplace. Installs machined replacement parts in mechanisms, machines, and equipments, and tests operation of unit to ensure functionality and performance.

[JOHN McGUINNESS T.D.] Speech given to – Chartered Accountants Ireland – Public Sector ...: The Civil War is over, the Iron Curtain is down and the Irish people are now more interested in truth and performance than the collected thoughts of De Valera, James Larkin or Michael Collins, with the greatest respect to those giants. The world has moved on and most major political parties are already in, or close, to the centre, whatever they tell their supporters.

[e-Information] e-Information » Blog Archive » Top 10 Women of Sustainability ...: Marianna Grossman leads Sustainable Silicon Valley, who’s mission is to create a more sustainable future within the Valley by collaborating with local government agencies, businesses, and community organizations to identify and address the most pressing environmental issues of the area. Marianna’s goal is to catalyze innovation and action to produce economic value, while at the same protecting the environment.

[Knowledge Today] Knowledge Today - Productivity hinges on leadership: Firstly, there is no doubt that Australia’s productivity is not at the level it should be, particularly when compared to other OECD countries.  The 2009 report Management Matters - How productive are we, completed for Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research concluded that one of the causes of our lagging productivity was that while some of our organisations stack up well with the best internationally, there are too many that don’t perform well at all, particularly when it comes to managing people. 

[The Practical Leader] Review of “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor – The ...: On the other hand, it is an entertaining summary of happiness research and applications. And its seven principles are well proven methods for dealing with life’s setbacks, navigating difficult change, building resilience, and increasing optimism and happiness.

[Blog Interact Press Releases] Cenero Launches Constant Connect 2.0 | Blog Interact Press ...: Offering complete support for audio visual and conferencing systems, Constant Connect by Cenero is a remote managed service that assures high-availability room readiness for all AV systems inside high-profile meeting rooms of enterprise organizations. Constant Connect includes proactive system monitoring and testing, reactive live support, and a web based portal providing analytical data on system performance, usage analysis and asset management.

[The Productivity Blog] Leadership Development: The Never-Ending Journey - i4cp: Winning achievements in leadership development, such as those at Amway and ConAgra Foods, are among the hallmarks of organizations that consistently perform well and distinguish themselves in their industries. The strategies and behaviors that set high-performing organizations apart are highlighted in a new study - i4cp's Leadership Competencies: Readying for the Future - which has uncovered evidence that high-performers think differently when it comes to leadership development and the challenges that their leaders are likely to face in the years ahead.

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