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[Heather Russell Music] “Lehman Brothers had been a worldwide financial providers firm that, till deciding bankruptcy in 2008, took part in business in investment banking, equity plus fixed-income sales, research plus trading, investment administration, personal equity, plus private banking.

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[Nieman Journalism Lab] The Boston Courant: Proud not to have a website until the owner ...: Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a magic pill we could give our news companies, like getting rid of a website and social media, and everything would be OK and we would all be profitable again? I’ve encountered editors and publishers who try to think like Jacobs, but come up short because they are not prepared to put the time, money and effort into making a news organization successful.

[Arkansas News] UPDATE Democratic leaders criticize GOP budget plan | Arkansas ...: Was its Republican Hoover’s ushering in of the Great Depression, Republican Eisenhower’s 1950s -Republican Nixon’s resignation for office in disgrace over something other than verse-income-tax redistribution of wealth, Republican Ford’s brief tenure and longer recession, Republican Reagan’s recession, Republican George H. Bush’s recession and fudging on “no new taxes, or Republican George W.

[CFA and MBA caes, exams and tips] Chinese mba ranking – the Shenzhen TMT50ETF: Update ...: or regulatory agencies to allow the Fund after Investment Fund managers in the performance of appropriate pace can be incorporated into investment

[.hub | Opportunities and events from USC Dornsife College] Internship Programs Newsletter – February 15, 2012 « .hub ...: The Beverly Hills Investment Corporation ("BHIC LLC") is an independent investment firm, located in Los Angeles, California that invests in the public markets and trades various securities including long/short equities, fixed income, and derivative products. The principal mission of BHIC LLC is to pursue extremely high investment returns with minimal risk.

[Jutia Group] So what SHOULD you buy in a world fraught with risk?: In Europe, despite news of what seems like the hundredth Greek deal, default is all but inevitable down the road. In the Middle East, tensions are ratcheting up in Syria and Iran, with the odds of an Israeli military strike steadily climbing.

[ - Business] 3 short-term fixed-income funds go on sale - The Nation: From today until Feb 6 Monday, Tisco Asset Management Co is offering the Tisco Fixed Income Plus Fund. The six-month, Bt1-billion fund will invest in local and foreign bonds and/or other financial papers.

[The Big Picture] Who Killed the Washington Post? | The Big Picture: OK BR, you seem to do a pretty damn fine job of taking BLS reports (and similar items of publicly available info) and turning out far better reporting than does the print media, in a far more timely manner. Granted, a lot of your content is also generated by highlighting decent (and not-so-decent) print media work as well, but my point here is that you do this as a sort of “in the margins”

[Global Economic Intersection - Investing Blog] The Investment Lesson Behind the Kodak Bankruptcy: Think of the airlines, which have survived multiple Chapter 11 bankruptcies, staggering on like zombies through a fog of losses until - like PanAm in 1991 - somebody mercifully puts a silver bullet in their corpse. Dividends: If a company pays a 10% dividend yield and lasts only 15 years, and liquidates for 20% of its current value, that would still give you an overall return of 7%, which beats fixed-income these days.

[Mail Online - M E Synon's blog] When the Greeks default, the first thing you do is book that holiday ...: On some Friday at 5 pm -- and it is going to have to be on a Friday evening, so the banks and every account in them can be frozen until Monday morning - the Athens government will announce that they are pulling their country out of the single currency and re-establishing the drachma.

[Michael Hyatt's Blog] What Could Becoming a Better Speaker Make Possible for You ...: I have low self-esteem issues and am terrified in speaking in front of people.  I am currently writing my first book and knew I would eventually have to talk to people if I wanted to sell my book.  I went to a Toastmasters meeting last week and immediately joined.  I prepared for a week to give my ice breaker speech and thought it was going to be awful.  I was terrified before I started my speech, but I was awarded the Best Speaker award.  Many said it was the best ice breaker speech they had ever heard.  You never know what you have inside yourself until you try.

[The Big Picture] A World Flying Blind | The Big Picture: If they invest the money, the country’s economy could boom for a year or two. But, anticipating its unsustainability, they won’t do this.

[The Enterprise Blog] How Republicans can win even if the economy keeps improving ...: Rather, Obama and his media supporters will be framing the question as: is this Republican contender really up to the job, given that his own party has already torn him to shreds and (whoever he is) doesn’t have the party solidly behind him. The Obama naif narrative of this basically good President who, if he has failed, it’s because he couldn’t get past that obstructive Congress, is also gaining traction.

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