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[Leola, SD] Leola, SD - Archive - Leadership Plenty Program Winding Down: The plan is to finish the program next Sunday, March 29. We will meet at 4 pm and will go through Module 8- Evaluation and then will break for supper.

[Butte Communities, ID] Butte Communities, ID - Archive - Freecycle: This morning I took the leap of faith and applied for a Freecycle Group for the Butte Communities.  I sent in our information and volunteered to be the moderator.  Now we wait to hear from the relevant Group Approver according to the order in which our application was received.  They ask that we wait a few days for Michelle from our New Group Approvers team to contact us regarding our application.  Processing times for the entire approval process vary by region, but in most cases, the process is complete, from start to finish, in approximately 2 weeks. 

[Dover Post News RSS] Here's your last chance to vote for the Dover Post 2008 Great ...: She has taken in children and adults who have needed a hand, advice, jobs, and a home. She can serve on a board of directors for the state Department of Child’s Services, have lunch with a senator or governor and by evening have a child in her lap, helping the parent to overcome addiction and prepare for a new life.

[ RSS Topic Feed for Newest Topics] Hitler and Himmler: Who Planned the Holocaust?, page 1: However, I feel that that Himmler and others close to Hitler, had to convince him of the necessity of murder - I do not feel the decisionwas taken by Hitler, but that his authority to carry out the genocides was sought. That is, while I can accept that he may not have planned themurder, I struggle to believe that it could have occurred without his knowledge.

[Take the land!] Restorers of the breach « Take the land!: He was very dependent on the power of God to stop his enemies and at the same time he prays, he also gets the wisdom to do what was supposed to be done. For instance, when they accused him and asked him to stop his work, he instead prayed to God (Neh 4:4) and continued to do the work while at the same time posted guards day and night (Neh 4:9) as well as asked the people to hold swords, spear and bows on one hand (Neh 4:13).

[NO QUARTER] The Race Card Won’t Get Obama To The Finish Line : NO QUARTER: “Obama knew from the outset that mainstream America may have questions about his church, yet even his pre-planned repudiation of Wright strikes a petulant note of victimization of Wright having the audacity to take “center stage” at Obama’s expense.

[Eden Prairie News - News, sports, politics, blogs and forums Eden Prairie, Minnesota • (952) 942-7885] OBAMA PICKS PLAGIARIST | Eden Prairie News: "I approached Madia after the debate- I said "you didn't answer the question- how long have you lived in the district"- Madia gave me a smile and said something like "yeah, I did answer it"-- I said "no you didn't and it's a really simple question- your Policy Director has indicated you moved here a year ago, you went to high school for 1 or 2 years here- so is it 3 years that you've lived in the district?" Madia refused to answer me--I asked "Why do the Sun newspapers report that you've been in the district for 13 years? A staff member of yours said it's because your mail has been delivered here for 13 years, so is that how long you've lived here?".

[The Recapist - We Watch. We Recap] Survivor: Want To See The Elephant Dung? (Episodes 1701/1702 ...: All that means is that Bob and Gillian get to make the first choice for their .But the tribe that gets all its members to the top of the hill first wins an extra bag of corn and beans to go with the rice and other essentials that they'll also find at the finish line.

[Ned's Job of the Week | Ned's JOTW |] Ned's Job of the Week | Ned's JOTW | :: JOTW 28-2008: With over 12,000 military and civilian employees worldwide, DIA is a major producer and manager of foreign military intelligence. We provide military intelligence to warfighters, defense planners, and defense and national security policymakers in the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community in support of U.S. military planning and operations and weapon systems acquisition.

[Comments for] » Blog Archive » Am I being a kill-joy”¦?: attack on Peter Mandelson, bookmakers William Hill have opened a book on which popular dessert will next be thrown over any British government minister, and have installed Spotted Dick as their 3/1 favourite. ‘Of course this should not be regarded as a trifling matter’

[Ball in Europe - European Basketball Blog] Ball in Europe - European Basketball Blog » Blog Archive ...: 2006: Andrea Bargnani, Thabo Sefolosha, Oleksij Pecherov, Sergio Rodriguez, Joel Freeland (1st); Kosta Perovic, Lior Eliyahu, Vladimir Veremeenko, Yotam Halperin, Eden Bavcic, Loukas Mavrokefalidis, Damir Markota (2nd). ... No game knowledge, no tactical smattering, only a poor run and shoot, too much foreseeable for Euro players and teams. In the case (as said) this is one of the best product of the US high-school, we will be a lot of spans higher in a mid-term horizon. ...

[Lovefraud Blog] Lovefraud Blog » Blog Archive » LETTERS TO LOVEFRAUD: She turned ...: The biggest problem I’d had after I’d finally ”˜collapsed’ (PTSD) after my 3 workplace sociopathic encounters, was being able to visualize all of the options which I still had open to me. At the time, my perception was such, that every avenue I looked down appeared to be either closed off, or fraught with unseen dangers.

[BBC Blog Network] BBC - Nick Robinson's Newslog: Confusion on the wildcat strikes (2): My point was that these new-found people's champions on this blog do not appear to recognise that their own free-market political heroes (Thatcher, Reagan, Bush (!) Cameron etc) are precisely the same people who offer(ed) the most succour to the megacorps who do not care whether they employ British workers or martians as long as they're cheap and expendible.

[Comments for] » Blog Archive » Could it be an all female ...: I spoke to a truly wonderful woman in HR, who explained that the policy (to which there are no exceptions) was that to apply for any of the jobs (in procurement analysis, project management etc etc) you had to have degrees in numerate disciplines. My BA and MA are not, so I could not be interviewed - even though I did Higher and Further Maths in the International Baccalaureate, am perfectly numerate, happy to take standardised tests to prove it, and am *doing exactly this job at the moment for a major Management consultancy, having already done this work in Industry*.

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