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[Likeable Media] Why Your Twitter Follower Count Does Matter | Likeable Media: The main reason that both quality and quantity of followers matters is that quality alone doesn’t scale. No large organization on the planet or employee of a large organization can claim that a highly engaged, high quality,small social network community is anywhere near as valuable as a highly engaged, high quality large social network community.

[Michael Hyatt's Blog] 5 Thoughts on Leadership from Someone Who Is Led | Michael Hyatt: I appreciate the leadership principles you are sharing.  Here is a basic problem that I am facing.  In the last few years we have had an influx of younger couples into our non-profit.  A large percentage of these couples seem to have an entitlement attitude.  At the same time, most of them while appearing to be busy, average less than 25 hours per week in productive “work”.  Because of the nature of our non-profit there is no way to actually know how much time is actually being spent ‘working’ as opposed to surfing the net, taking care of their children, or just in busy work that has nothing to do with our objectives.  It is very difficult to get into our organization and harder to be fired.  How do you lead someone who has a dislike for accountability, hard work and is basically lazy and taking advantage of an organization’s grace?

[ - Business] Can introverts be great leaders? | In a study published earlier this year in the Academy of Management Journal, researchers discovered that extroverts are better at leading introverts, and conversely, introverts are better at leading extroverts.

[A Burdz Eye View] How many Labour politicians does it take to land a blow? « A Burdz ...: If I was one of the candidates for the Scottish Labour leadership, I’d be spitting mad at such an unsubtle manoeuvre that boxes him or her in, and which points up quite clearly who is boss.  One of the constant refrains in Labour Hame blog posts about lessons wot we have learned from being gubbed in May, is that Labour in Scotland had lost the ability to tell a narrative that resounded with Scottish voters, to offer them something distinctly Scottish to vote for in Holyrood elections.  We are, of course, a good distance out from the next Scottish election but having four and a bit years of muddle, disarray, disjointed voices, different opinions, too many cooks etc will do nothing for the party’s credibility with the electorate.  Indeed, voters might decide to punish Labour in the 2015 UK election for such a morass.

[The Professional Intern] Don't Succumb to Mediocrity - The Professional Intern: If your high school was anything like mine, the jocks and cheerleaders hogged the limelight and popularity even though their academic performance may have been atrocious.  And the workplace sometimes seems an extension of high school.  Popularity and promotions may not always be as performance-based as they ought to be.  Sometimes the cool kids are going to get what should have been yours.  That can result in being surrounded by mediocre performers.

[Social Media Today - The world's best thinkers on social media] Marketing Advantages of Promoted Tweets on Twitter | Social Media ...: Since being launched, Promoted Tweets always offered an advantage over conventional tweets by placing your sponsored ad at the top of the timeline, but the direct approach is potentially even more attractive because the people following you or your brand on Twitter are far more likely to see it. If there was a downside to Promoted Tweets to Followers, it would have to be that your ads are limited to the people in your network, which means that it cannot be viewed by other people on Twitter, people who could possibly be interested in what you have to offer. 

[Michael Hyatt's Blog] A Review of The 5 Levels of Leadership, a New Book by John C ...: but don’t let their young ages diminish this post.  Both of my boys are amazingly gifted athletes, both over 6 foot tall, and both display leadership skills that defy their ages.  Last Friday was the end of the first mid-term in their schools.  Both have straight A’s.  Their hearts are purely for God.  They have prayer lives that I don’t often witness in the lives of adults.  Their faith is huge.  I mentioned their athleticism and physical size because the leadership and the way in which they handle their size and giftings on their teams often teaches me lessons! At their young age, they are already well known is our state for basketball.  With these great blessings comes greater yet responsibilities.  Everyday, I am looking to God to help me teach them correctly… to keep them on the path of righteousness and respect, to help them decipher between humility and “playing small”–trying to teach them to be what God has created them to be.  One of my favorite quotes, and I apologize that I don’t know who said it, is this:  “Sometimes I get so caught up in the mechanics of being

[HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog] The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Expert Twitter Marketing: Make sure your Twitter profile is optimized with an enticing description (use keywords to help people find you), a professional-looking photo (for company accounts, use your logo!, and a URL (use your company website, blog, or link to a unique landing page you create specifically for people who find you through Twitter).

[Communicate Leadership.] The Cure for People Who Hate to Self-Promote « Communicate ...: For example, a colleague of mine blogs about social media, and just joined forces with an entrepreneur group to talk to members about building their businesses through social media marketing. A few years ago, a friend invited a well-known CEO speaking at a conference to grab coffee and discuss a shared interest, and ended up getting a coveted seat on a high-profile industry board.

[Michael Hyatt's Blog] 4 Reasons It's Easier Than Ever to Be an Author | Michael Hyatt: I have been waiting on ME!  The thought of a platform parallazed me with fear.  Well, at least I started treading water after that, not willing to go toward the deep end.  Thank you for this aritcle.   It makes me think out loud.  Who do I want to be in control?  Fear?  I have the  freedom to move forward.  You have given us such wonderful tools to dig in and do it!  Thank you, Mr. Michael Hyatt.   I WILL!

[Construction Marketing Blog] Twitter for Construction Marketing | Construction Marketing Blog: You may not be interested in what is happening around the world (60% of twitter users are outside of the U.S. which means often times things are in a foreign language) but you can change your trends to reflect your geographic location and what you may be interested in. As I’m writing this “Vday” is trending as February 14th is fast approaching.

[SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog] Creating a Buzz Pre-Launch | SEOmoz: First of all, I do think it plays to Rand's post the other day about thought leadership. The forex space is an increasingly crowded one, yet it is largely populated by sites that display very technical information in an inaccessible and uncreative way, and the market leaders (from a ranking perspective) are sites that have been around since the dawn of the internet.

[Online Small Business Guides] 15 Ways of Using Social Media to Promote Your Business | Online ...: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and a multitude of other sites now offer a quick and simple way to find customers. They do need to be approached with caution however, as there is a learning curve to be surmounted before you achieve value for money.

[Malia Litman's Blog] Sarah Palin Has Become a Global Threat « Malia Litman's Blog: Malia, do you think Mrs Palin understood what she was reading (well other than the part about the woman president)? Someone obviously wrote the speech for her, but I wonder how much of it was her own views/ideas, or if she was simply reading someone else’s views/ideas/”knowledge”.

[Easy Money Point] 5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Marketing Content | Easy Money Point: For example, add your social media icons to your email signature. Let people opt into an email subscription on your website.

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